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Home Learning Links

These links/websites have a wide range of resources and games for all areas of the curriculum. 

Please note that Purple Mash is our online learning platform. Here children will be set work (2Dos) to complete. Teachers will be able to see the work that children are completing and can comment on their work. KS2 have access to class blogs. Please encourage your child to show you their class blogs.

Parents all have access to their child's learning via the Parent Portal. Use the code on your child's log in card that you have been given.

BBC Bitesize
BBC Bitesize has
videos and
activities to
practise key skills
in all subjects. The
website is tailored
to the NI Curriculum
and has a section
for Foundation, KS1
and KS2. They will
also have some
additional home
learning content to
explore daily.
CCEA Home Learning
A list of resources
from the Department
of Education that
might be helpful for
parents of primary
pupils at home.
Coding for Kids Glossary
Glossary for Coding
for kids (and
This site offers a
range of games and
activities to
support learning
across all key
National Book Tokens Activity
Celebrating National
Book Week.

Purple Mash
Purple Mash is our
online learning
platform. Here
children will be set
work (2Dos) to
complete. Children
can also access
various games and
activities to
support learning
across the
RTE Home School Hub
RTÉ will
broadcast an hour of
"school on TV" to
support primary
school children at
home. (Although this
is a separate
curriculum, it will
still be beneficial
for our pupils) It
will run from 11-12
Monday to Friday on
RTÉ 2.
Study Ladder
There is a basic
package which allows
you to access many
different games etc.
This is free of
charge and has a
wide range of
resources. However,
if you would like
access to worksheets
and unlimited games,
there is a £4 per
month charge (billed
A wide range of
interative games and
activities to
support all areas of
the curriculum.

Some websites and apps to support Literacy, Phonics and Writing learning.

Jolly Phonics
The Jolly Phonics
app has a range of
songs and sounds to
support and develop
your child's phonics
knowledge. It also
has a range of
interactive games
and activities.
Mr Mc Youtube
Mr Mc is posting
phonics videos and
lessons to YouTube
each day. They are
great for letter
sounds and
alphabetical order
for Foundation
Oxford Owl
There are a wide
range of resources
and online
activities for
reading, spelling,
grammar and
Phonics Play
Whilst schools are
closed, Phonics Play
has offered free
access without a
subscription. Access
to games and fun
activities to
promote phonics
learning in the
Foundation Stage.
Scholastic has set
up a free
“learn at
home” website
with different age
(Foundation Stage),
grades 1 and 2
(KS1), grades 3 to 5
(KS2). Each day they
add new content
filled with articles
and stories, videos
and learning

The Literacy Shed
The Literacy Shed is
home to a wealth of
visual resources,
mostly short film
clips that can be
used to inspire
creative writing.
Choose from the
‘sheds', watch
the clip and
complete some of the
suggested activities
below the clip to
develop your child's
creative writing.

Websites and apps to support Reading at home. There is also access to novels online at Purple Mash using the 'Series Mash' link.

Audible has made
lots of their
audiobooks free to
download whilst the
schools are closed.
David Walliams
Author David
Walliams has been
reading a story from
his ‘World's
Worst Children'
series live every
day at 11am. You can
listen back to
previous stories via
Avail of the wide
range of resources
available online
with the library. If
you're already a
member you just need
your membership
number. If you're
not a member you can
sign up here. (This
one might also
interest the
Oliver Jeffers
Author Oliver
Jeffers has been
reading a book
everyday and posting
them to his website.
Alternatively you
can watch them LIVE
on Oliver's
(@oliverjeffers) at
6 PM each day.
Teach Your Monster To Read
Explore the website
for a range of
reading ideas and
activities. During
the current
situation, they have
offered free
downloads for the

Access to lots of Mental Maths and Numeracy games.

Carol Vorderman's The Maths Factor
The Maths Factor is
currently free
(usually about £2
per week) to support
childrens' learning
at home. Lots of
numeracy games and
also lessons to
support learning.
Maths Week Ireland
Daily Maths
challenges and
activities that can
be completed at home
to support
thinking and problem

The Bee-Bot app
allows children to
easily use an app
version of the robot
to learn the basics
of programming in
the different levels
and puzzles using
the cartoon bee. It
allows children to
improve their skills
in directional
languages and
programming through
the different
sequences of
forwards, backwards,
left and right 90
degree turns in each
level. Suitable for
Foundation and lower
KS1 pupils.
This coding app is
suitable for
Foundation and KS1
children. In this
app, children have
mazes and games to
solve, that focus on
sequencing and
directions. If the
commands are
correct, the
Code-a-pillar will
reach the target, it
not, it will stop
and you must fix the
Daisy the Dinosaur
Daisy the Dinosaur
is a coding app for
young children from
the creators of
Hopscotch. Children
commands in a simple
interface to make a
dinosaur move, jump,
and dance. The app
is targeted to
children too young
for the Hopscotch
app (Foundation and
KS1). The
instructions are
written and not
spoken, so reading
assistance from
parents may be
Fix the Factory
A Lego app for
children to learn
the basics of
programming by
setting the
instructions for the
robot to follow. The
game is packed with
challenging puzzles,
robot functions and
a range of different
levels to explore.
Appropriate for
upper KS1 and KS2.
Hopscotch is an app
that children use to
learn to code. It is
designed for
children 7-13, but
anyone from any age
can use it. On
Hopscotch, you can
make your own games,
apps and animations.
Transition your
children from
ScratchJr to more
advanced coding on

An excellent website
with links to lots
of different coding
and programming
Scratch Jr
ScratchJr is a
coding app for young
children. With
ScratchJr, young
children can program
their own
interactive stories
and game. KS2
children can try
Scratch 3, although
not an app, is a
website that can be
a great way to
extend on from the
Scratch Jnr App.
Tynker also uses
code blocks to teach
children how to
program. Use their
apps: Tynker Junior,
Tynker and Mod
Creator to code,
create, and mod on a
tablet. Coding
lessons are designed
to guide children on
a path to earning
badges. In each
lesson, children
engage with
interactive learning
modules, mini-games,
coding projects, and

Whilst schools are closed, Veritas has offered free access to Grow in Love resources. Simply click the link below and login using the details below:

Password: growinlove

Diocesan Holy Week Resources
Resources from the
Diocese to help
celebrate Holy Week
at home.
Down and Connor: Alive in Christ
Resources to support
Religious Education
learning from the
GAA Primary School
The GAA have been
publishing a series
of daily learning
activities and skill
challenges to
support parents and
children in
achieving their
academic and
physical activity
Go Noodle
Movement, yoga and
mindfulness videos
to keep everyone
PE with Joe
PE workouts every
morning and suitable
for all ages (even
adults). You don't
need any equipment,
just tune in to the
Body Coach YouTube
channel at 9am each
morning for a
30-minute, fun
BBC Terrific Scientific
Lots of science
investigations, fun
activities and
quizzes to try.
CCEA Primary Upd8
activities from the
NI Curriculum.
Sentinus STEM Challenges
Every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday
Sentinus will
release different
STEM based
activities for KS1
and KS2 Primary
STEM Learning
Activities, stories,
games and resources
linking to STEM
WOW Science
Experiments, games
and videos linking
to science to
support all ages.