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St Patrick's Primary School Primary School, Holywood


29th Jun 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,

I would like to thank all our parents, family members and their colleagues, who are NHS staff and key workers for facing into the enormity of the task that we all faced in March. They have taken us from the brink of a cliff edge situation to the relative calmness of today. We will forever be in their debt. Thank You!

I would like to take this opportunity to also, thank you all for all your hard work during home-learning.

I know that it was difficult at times for every family and I hope that the staffs' hard work and dedication made the learning process a happy experience for your families.

I have received great levels of positive feedback about the quality of our provision and that is a reflection of the professionalism of our school staff. The BOG are organising a questionnaire for parents about their experiences of home-learning, so that we can understand any issues that you experienced. This will be issued in due course.

It is traditional to award Merit and Principal certificates for hard work and endeavour, at the end of each term. For June 2020, I have awarded every child, a Merit Certificate and parents, you have all been awarded a Principal's Award for the hard work that has taken place during home learning.(attached)

The school website has been very busy for past few months (6150 hits since March) and I know the email system has been in overload for the past few days!

I have no doubt we will continue to meet the needs of all the children in our care when we return in August.

Continue to take care and keep safe and enjoy your holidays.

Kind regards

C O'Neill



C O'Neill